5 Tips For Your Next Family Beach Session

After having spent my first full summer chasing

families up and down the beach I've compiled a

list of my top 5 tips for your next beach session! 

#1 Start early. 

What does that mean? Early in the day! If at all possible by sunrise. Sunrise?!!! You might be thinking 'Whoa Bel that sounds really early..' and you're right...it does but its not. It is 110% worth it and here are a few reasons why:

  • It's the best light of the day. Clean and sparkly!

  • Literally much, much cooler than any other time the rest of the day. On Charleston beaches, that's important!

  • Your kids moods are better. Trust me on this one! They may be groggy when they arrive but nothing wakes you up faster and happier than sticking your toes in the sand :)

Does meeting an hour later really make such a big difference? YES.

(See squinty-eye proof photo below taken around 8:15am in the shade). 

#2 Prep the kiddos. 

Help me help you :) Sure, most kids love me by the end of the session but that's not always the case when we first start. Why not prep your kids by "playing photographer" at home. This tip was from a family I met back in June. The little boy actually had his play camera with him and we took turns being the photographer throughout the session! 

#3 Embrace the beach vibes. 

More often than not it will be a picture perfect sunrise/sunset session with no hiccups. Every now and then...its windy, very hot and very very bright (see tip #1). I try to remind my clients that not only are we outside in the elements, but also ON the beach. Yes, these setbacks can sometimes be annoying but they'll only be as annoying as you let them be. Why not embrace the messy hair and the feel of sun on your skin?! Or better yet, bring your beach hat and sunglasses and go all out! 

#4 Ignore your photographer aka Me. 

Haha might sound weird but its true! Trust that I will give you direction when you need it. If I'm not it means you look great! Just remember to keep smiling, laughing and most of all have fun! Hug on your love and cuddle with your kids. You will see some of the best looking photos in your gallery if you can do this throughout your session. 

#5 Get in the water. 

Also known as the "wreck your outfit" portion of your session! I know not everyone is interested in or would enjoy this optional little chunk of time at the end and that's okay. All I'll say is that you will get the most realest of smiles from your loved ones if you are open to splashing around with me. So if you have a session coming up do us all a favor and bring a towel and your sense of humor!

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