We're moving! I say that with excitement, worry, sadness and high hopes all rolled into one! We've moved about once a year or so since we've been married (going on 9yrs in April) but for the last ALMOST 3 years we've been in our current adorable studio apartment in Johns Island, SC. And I must admit that even though I've always enjoyed the adventure of moving to a new space, I will REALLYYY miss living in these 4 walls! It has become quite cozy and a place we will always consider "home".

With that in mind I took some time last week, just me, my camera and my 'home', to look around, capture some memories and in a sense say goodbye. One of my favorite things about this space is the combination of the huge "living room" windows next to our long IKEA mirror followed by french doors. I think all the natural light it lets in really opens up this small space and tricks you into feeling its a lot bigger than it actually is. I love to sit on our sofa and watch the sunset with my string lights and palm trees in the background. We've definitely put some TLC into this space and all I hope is to be able to take that with us to our new home... More on that later!

Never underestimate the coziness factor some warm lighting and a couple houseplants can bring!

The deck/porch area was still a work in progress. I created a tiny jungle out there over the summer and we added the string lights and Adirondack chairs a few months back... sooo comfy!

I can't wait to get to work on our new outdoor space :)

Being that it's a studio, we have no divider walls within the actual space, so voila! IKEA to the rescue once again! Thanks to my friend Shenin, Pinterest and some inexpensive painter's drop cloth we were able to create the "wall" that divides our bedroom from the rest of the space. We left this space pretty plain and honestly, I loved it that way.

I think its obvious that my living room is my favorite spot and the kitchen my least favorite since you don't even see one picture of it! (That may or may not have to do with a sink of dishes waiting to be washed or how I cleared everything off the table and onto the counter). Just trust me, it's not much to look at. Functional? Yes. Clean and somewhat new? Yes. But that's all.

If you're curious to see what the whole space looks like together send me a message and I would be happy to send you a panoramic picture.

As for 2018... we have some exciting things in the works. Follow along with us here to see our next work in progress!

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