December 28, 2017

We're moving! I say that with excitement, worry, sadness and high hopes all rolled into one! We've moved about once a year or so since we've been married (going on 9yrs in April) but for the last ALMOST 3 years we've been in our current adorable studio apartment in Johns Island, SC. And I must admit that even though I've always enjoyed the adventure of moving to a new space, I will REALLYYY miss living in these 4 walls! It has become quite cozy and a place we will always consider "home". 


With that in mind I took some time last week, just me, my camera and my 'home', to look around, capture some memories and in a sense say goodbye. One of my favorite things about this space is the combination of the huge "living room" windows next to our long IKEA mirror followed by french doors. I think all the natural light it lets in really opens up this small space and tricks you into feeling its a lot bigger than it actually is. I love to sit on our sofa and watch the sunset with my string lights and palm trees in the background. We've definitely put some TLC into this space and all I hope is to be able to take that with us to our new home... More on that later!


Never underestimate the coziness factor some warm lighting and a couple houseplants can bring!